// Hi, I'm Taylor Hatmaker. I'm a reporter, covering topics like privacy, surveillance, government, online activism, extremism and social media.

These days, you can find my reporting at TechCrunch. Prior to TechCrunch, I was the Tech Editor of the Daily Dot, a staff writer at ReadWrite and the Senior Editor of Tecca.

Some of my recent work:

+ Facebook is the recruiting tool of choice for far-right group Proud Boys

+ Palmer Luckey's new defense company is interested in AR and VR on the battlefield

+ Tech is not winning the battle against white supremacy

+ Sheryl Sandberg knew more about Facebook's latest scandal than she let on

+ Texas has a long history of problems with Hart eSlate voting machines

+ Instagram is the latest nexus of the Marines sexual harassment scandal

+ Former Facebook security chief says creating election chaos is still easy


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